Award Winners

This year’s prize in the area of solar energy is awarded to Jeremy Leggett and this year’s prize in the field of energy efficiency is awarded to Peter Hennicke and Beate Weber-Schuerholz. The price is 1 million swedish krona (SEK) and will be divided between the three award winners.

The world stands on the threshold of a unique and historic shift. In the coming decades we need to reorientate society to be radically more energy efficient than it is today. At the same time the world’s supply of renewable energy needs to increase since only this, in combination with energy efficiency, can secure the energy supply.

In order to highlight what is necessary and possible, the jury has identified two key areas: solar energy and energy efficiency. We need new innovations and systems in order to release the potential existing within both of these areas. The jury has therefore decided to let the theme for the Gothenburg Award for Sustainable Development 2015 be: ”The energy transition – solar energy and energy efficiency”

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