Previous Award Winners


Previous Winners

Award Winner of 2015
The 2015 prize in the area of solar energy is awarded to Jeremy Leggett and the prize in the field of energy efficiency is awarded to Peter Hennicke and Beate Weber-Schuerholz.

Award Winner of 2014
The 2014 award for Transformative Leadership for Global Business was awarded to Paul Polman. Paul Polman exhibits, through his leadership, great courage and commitment which inspires in a global corporate world where environmental and social values are often overshadowed by more short-term financial interests.

Award Winners of 2013
The 2013 award with the theme “Nature’s services and ingenious solutions”  was divided between Pavan Sukhdev and Janine Benyus, who have both made significant contributions in this area.

Award Winner 2012
Extraordinary drives to close the loop give Biddle and Söderberg the Gothenburg Award.

Award Winner 2011
The 2011 Gothenburg Award is equally shared by Kofi Annan and the Tigray Project in Ethiopia.

Award Winner 2010
The Gothenburg Award for Sustainable Development in 2010 goes to two prominent persons who have in different ways strongly contributed to solutions for sustainable relations with our oceans. The prize, one million Swedish crowns, will be divided equally between Ken Sherman from the USA and Randal Arauz from Costa Rica

Award Winner 2009
The 2009 Göteborg Award for Sustainable Development is shared in three equal parts by:
Anna Kajumulo Tibaijuka, Tanzania, Enrique Peñalosa, Bogotá, Colombia och Sören Hermansen, Samsö, Denmark.

Award Winner 2008
The 2008 Göteborg Award for Sustainable Development is shared in three equal parts by: Theo Colborn, Margot Wallström and Jan Ahlbom and Ulf Duus from Göteborg.

Award Winner 2007
The Göteborg Award for Sustainable Development 2007, a sum of one million Swedish crowns, has been awarded to Mr. Al Gore who more than any other person has led mankind to a deeper understanding of our serious situation – and what politicians, business leaders and all of us can and must do.

Award Winner 2006
The three Japanese engineers Takeshi Uchiyamada, Takehisa Yaegashi and Yuichi Fujii, for their outstanding, goal-oriented and vital contributions to the development of Prius, the world’s first commercial hybrid automobile of which more than half a million have been sold thus far. (2006)

Award Winner 2005
The Maraba Cooperative Abahuzamugambi in Rwanda for its pioneering work to produce coffee with methods that are sustainable from a social, financial and environmental standpoint. (2005)

Award Winner 2004
Joan Bavaria, USA, and Tessa Tennant, Great Britain, who are pioneers in the field of “sustainable investments”. Through their investment companies and funds they have inspired companies to take make ethically and the environmentally responsible investments. (2004)

Award Winner 2003
Swedish Hans Eek and German Wolfgang Feist for the technology and methods to build houses without heating systems – so called “passive houses”. (2003)

Award Winner 2002
Former Prime Minister of Norway, Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, for her contributions to coining the expression “sustainable development”. (2002)

Award Winner 2001
Ecolabelling organisations FSC and KRAV for their work to introduce sustainable development to farming and forestry. (2001)

Award Winner 2000
Business leader and entrepreneur Geoffrey Ballard for his contributions to commercialising fuel cell technology. (2000)